Watch Tablecall System

  • UHF technology at 433.92MHz
  • Coverage radius 400M open space
  • Support both watch & pager receiver
  • Transmitter type: 3 buttons transmitter
  • Waiter, Manager and Cancel Button
  • Using rechargeable battery for tablecall
  • Perfect for restaurant with hidden corner

Antfi watch tablecall system is designed specially to help guests page the servers or managers when they need services. The watch tacblecall system allows restaurant to provide the right service at the right time without invading into the guest private conversation or provide unnecessary resource to monitor table request. This solution helps guest ensure that their attention has been notified - no more waving hands for server.

Patrons feel more secure with proper paging system and no longer worry and frustrate over unmanaged service resulting from high traffic. The watch tablecall system helps to deliver a faster, smoother, just-in-time and a more customer friendly service. Most importantly, it also helps to improve productivity.


  • Pleasant Environment

  • It provides a more welcoming atmosphere. No more waving hands or shouting for server.

  • Keeps customer informed with queue

  • Patrons are aware of their queue condition through the belt or watch pager

  • Improve services

  • Better manage floor service through the tablecall system.

  • Eliminate waste of resource - reduce cost

  • Better balance and manage staff require for the floor as you no longer needs server to monitor the table

  • Increase Revenue and Profit

  • The system helps better manage server and staff. This helps to reduce operating cost and in turn increase profitability.

  • Applications

  • The system can be used in Restaurant, Karaoke, Bar and so on