Queue Calling System

  • UHF technology at 433MHz
  • Simple calling pad transmitter
  • Alert: Ding dong
  • Support up to 999 in digits
  • Coverage radius 100M open space
  • Easy thermo printer ticket dispenser
  • Perfect for takeaway and table queuing

Antfi Classic (coaster) paging system is designed to be used in outlets where servers are mainly manned by elderly. Classic paging system is a one-touch guest alert paging devices allows you to easily manage and handle the queue flow, thus creating a more inviting service atmosphere. This system helps you to be more profitable, by reducing possible patron dropout or turnaway from long queue as well as balancing the high cost of labour associated with having staff run food out to the tables.

The lightweight digital coaster pagers allow customers to run other errands or find themselves a table for a more relaxing experience. The classic paging system helps to deliver a faster, smoother, just-in-time and a more customer friendly service. Most importantly, it also helps to improve profit and revenue.


  • Pleasant Environment

  • It provides a more welcoming atmosphere. No more long queue or having patrons hovering around the counter.

  • Eliminate lightboards and ticket systems

  • No more standing by the pickup area watching the lightboard numbers. Patrons can relax at a table or use this waiting time to run their own errand while knowing when their food or table is ready.

  • Eliminate Customer Complaints of Cold Food

  • No more worry of patrons not hearing their name or queue number or not noticing their number on the lightboard when their food is ready. The patrons can be easily alerted by the system through the vibrate, flash and beeping.

  • Reduce Costs

  • Balance excessive wage and labour costs associate with food runners and waiters.

  • Eliminate waste of resource

  • Eliminate time waste on labour resource trying to hunt for their patrons when the food is ready.

  • Eliminate service staff shortage challenges

  • It helps to eliminate service staff shortage headache in today market place especially with local govenment tightening on foreign working permit. Self service is the way toward future model.

  • Increase Revenue and Profit

  • The system helps to eliminate patron from dropout or turnaway due to long queue. It also helps to attract many more new customer as the atmosphere become more inviting. This helps to increase revenue and profit.

  • Applications

  • The system can be used in Restaurants, Cafe, Hotel, Bar, Repair Centre, Church, Karaoke, Clinic, Hospital, Pharmacy and so on