wireless paging system

Other Sectors

Here are some other sectors that can use the guest paging system: Automotive, Business Office, Casino, Repair Centre, Spa & Salon and so on. We are able to help you streamline queue procedures and operations so as to achieve efficiency and reduce operational cost by:

  • Automotive Paging System

  • When client send in their vehicle for repair, issue them a pager and send them to the showroom. Size all business opportunity to turn possible prospect into sale. When their vehicle is ready, alert them with guess paging system.

  • Casino Paging System

  • In Casino, every single minute mean business especially at the jackpot machines section. When customers need services or drinks, allow them to press a button to alert the server or manager to come by and attend to them. This will help make the customers stay at the jackpot while he is being served.

  • Repair Centre Paging System

  • In a mobile phone or service provider repair centre, it is not difficult to see long queue throughout the operation hour. Let us help manage the queue with the guest paging system. When your VIP customer send in the malfunction phone, issue them a pager with advertisement on it so that they can go to a nearby cafe to wait for their mobile phone to be repaired. Never allow them to hover around the counter - it affects the company image. When their phone is repaired or serviced, alert them to return for the phone.

  • Spa & Salon Paging System

  • Capture every single business opportunity by eliminating possible customers dropout or walk away due to long queue. Alway keep queue less than 2-3 persons to ensure a more inviting environment. When customer steps in for service during peak hour, issue them with a pager so that they can go to the nearby bookshop while still stay in the queue. Once you are ready to serve them, alert them back and provide them the service they need.