Lite Paging System

  • UHF technology at 433.92MHz
  • Coverage radius 300M open space
  • Support up to 10 Slim Vibe pager
  • Alert: beep, flash and vibrate
  • SMART charging eliminate over-charging
  • Simple TX with integrated charger base
  • Perfect for small clinic, workshop or kiosk

Antfi Lite paging system is designed specially for use in small clinic, workshop or restaurant where waiting area is a constraint. Lite paging system is an easy one-touch guest alert paging device which you to easily manage and handle the queue flow, thus creating a more inviting service atmosphere. This system helps you to manage queue flow easily and wirelessly.

The slim light vibe pagers allow customer to run other errands or find themselves a more relaxing waiting area. The Lite paging system helps to deliver a faster, smoother, just-in-time and a more user frendly service. Most importantly, it also helps to improve profit and revenue.


  • Pleasant Environment

  • It provides a more welcoming atmosphere. No more long queue or having patient hovering around the counter.

  • Eliminate lightboards and ticket systems

  • No more standing by the waiting area watching the lightboard numbers. Patient can relax at nearby cafe or use this waiting time to run their own errand nearby while knowing when their turn will be called.

  • Improve services

  • No more shouting for numbers or patient names.

  • Eliminate waste of resource - reduce cost

  • Better balance and manage nursing staff require for the floor as they can focus on other better scope of work.

  • Eliminate Error

  • Help eliminate possible prescription error due to over focus managing the patient queuely during the peak period.

  • Applications

  • The system is ideal for clinic, Workshop, Self-Service Kiosk and so on