restaurant paging system

Hotel & Motel

Whether queue or room service, Antfi hotel solutions provide the right tools to help with your workflow and procedure. Service differentiation is key to running a successful hotel today. We help hotel streamline procedures and operations so as to achieve efficiency, reduce operational cost and increase sale revenue and profit by:

  • Guest Paging System

  • Capture every single business opportunity by eliminating possible customers dropout or walk away due to long queue.

    Keeping queue less than 2-3 client helps to invite more customer from joining.

    Lock customer down with the pagers while they are waiting for their room to be ready.

    Help to keep resource lean as it is not easy to hire counter staff.

    Ensure customer continuously informed of their room status.

  • Room Service Call System

  • Ensure guests are being served quickly and timely. It helps to create great service impression.

    No need for room service staff to constantly return to counter to check next room service requirement. Alpha pager can keep them continuously inform on next service requirement.

    Lesser service staff is needed to keep resource lean