healthcare paging system


Whether for hospital emergency admission, surgery, lab test, pharmacies or outpatient clinics, they all have one thing in common. Patients alway have to wait and queue for hours before being served or attended. We are able to change patients waiting frustration into a more pleasant experience. We are able to help clinic and hospital streamline queue procedures and operations so as to achieve efficiency and reduce operational cost by:

  • Patient Paging System

  • Alert patient wirelessly when it is their turn to see the doctor.

    Allow patient to wait at nearby cafe while relaxing with a cup of coffee.

    Help to keep waiting area small but efficient

    Help to keep resource lean as it is not easy to hire service staff.

    Ensure patients continuously informed of their service status.

  • Pharmacy Paging System

  • Alert the patients when their prescriptions are ready for pick up.

    Free patients from hovering around the counter waiting for their name to be called.

    Lesser service staff is needed to keep resource lean

  • Nurse Calling System

  • Allow patient in bed or at exercising centre to alert nurse whenever needed.

    Free the nurse from monitoring less critical patient.

    Lesser service staff is needed to keep resource lean