• 20.6.13 | New Product: Antfi U7 paging system is small but high-end device with audit ability. | more

  • 25.5.13 | New Product: Antfi UFO Waterproof paging system. It is waterproof & better coverage. | more

  • 15.4.13 | Trade-IN your existing queue device for a state of the art ANTFI paging system NOW! | more

  • 01.3.13 | Updates: We have setup our repair centre for component level pager repair. | more

  • 15.11.12 | New Product: Antfi OneTouch Paging System. A robust one touch transmitter. | more

  • 01.11.12 | New Product: Antfi OneTouch Paging System. A robust one touch transmitter. | more

  • 01.08.12 | Enhance your POS or Kiosk with Antfi F10 paging system features! | more

  • 07.07.12 | Staff Constraint due to government tightening! Let us help you out. | more

  • 01.06.12 | Check out our Chain Partnership Program if you have multiple outlets! | more

  • 02.05.12 | Antfi 2nd year anniversary, Classic-5 Paging System SPECIAL PROMOTION! | more

  • 01.04.12 | Our push button transmitter will be replaced with an improved version | more

  • 20.03.12 | Our latest SK316 transmitter model with 4 request buttons is now available | more

Antfi U7 Paging System

Antfi U7 paging system comes with small unique coaster pager and charger unit designed for outlet with space constraint. It's software option for audit possible may be another feature that has an edge over other products. This system comes with a separate standard charger base that allows 15 or 25 pagers to be seated onto it.

We have the right procedure and technology to help you to overcome the current challenge, so reach out to us now at 67482297 to find out more!

Technology powered by Antfi :

  • Self-Service Paging System
  • Kitchen Paging System
  • Staff Paging System
  • Tablecall Paging System
  • Queue Calling System
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